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Who We Are


ShenZhen OrBit System Inc. is one national high-tech and software enterprise,We are one of the most high-developed Manufacturing Execution System(MES) solutions’ supplier. Our company is located in ShenZhen- Chinese most advanced high-tech developed city. Our headquarter is located in the national high-tech software zones. Facilitated with Research and Development groups and expert consultants for platform leveled corporations’ information-based products, we know the needs of manufacturing corporations well. Since 1999, we have been devoting to providing the most excellent MES products and its relative services. Combining with advanced IT technologies and management theories, in compliance with “Adapting to customers’ needs, Innovation keeping” spirits, we create values for the corporations.


What We Do



Manufacturing Operations Management


Manufacturing Execution System


Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition


Warehouse Executing System


Enterprise Asset Management


Statistical Process Control System

OrBit-MES can help enterprises accomplish following 4 key values:

?To upgrade the manufacturing execution capability (delivery capability).

?To make the production and material flow transparent!

?The best traceability based on data chain.

?To grasp the requirements’ variation in time, on time and at real time.

OrBit-MES Application in industries:

?Electron assembly industry

Computer and related products, home appliance, digital products, optical communication products, cell phone, instruments, SMT/PCBA.

?Machinery industry

Precise components accessories, clock, machine tool, axletree.

?Automobile industry

Main assembly, pivotal accessories parts/ components production,related electron digital products,etc.

?Semiconductor industry

Unit production, Encapsulation/Package, testing.

?Other industries

Furniture manufacturing, sanitary ware manufacturing, shoes making, clothes making and all other industries that have requirement to trace back the products.



Our Strength:


Three generation products, by 18 years R&D, and deep cogitation

?Architecture Evolution

Fast iteration and evolution make the MES system more alive

?Cross platform modeling ability

Instant modeling for plug-ins, multi platform deployment, greatly improves the efficiency of application deployment

?Deep integration ability of IoT

Chinese first integrated platform of SCADA configuration and MES implementation engine integrated platform.

?Business layer fully open sourced

Business layer code is fully open sourced and centralized managed to offer the users innovation abilities independently

?OrBit-TT training system

Provide 49 multimedia courseware, pre-course - > base - > gradually, beginners can quickly master the application of platform in 2 weeks via the game experience and score evaluation mechanism

?Project & knowledge management system

Building a whole life customer oriented system of cycle management and knowledge accumulation


Why Us


Manufacturing experiences

No matter consultants or R&D engineers, they have been working in the MES/ERP fields for many years and quite experienced.

Expert pre-sale supports

Provide pre-sale consultants supports for the clients of expert MES business process. Analyze clients’ needs and reply clients’ questions.

Implement ability

Provide technical feasibility analysis and constitute the most reasonable technical implement solution and the best combined products to provide excellent customized R&D products.

PMP resource

Project managers are all qualified with PMP certificates. They own excellent project management and process control abilities and are experienced in many different fields of MES systems.

Contact Us


COMPANY:OrBit Systems Inc.






Research Centre:No.1 Building, Software Garden, KeJiZhong’er Road, Science Garden, NanShan Area, Shenzhen City, China.

Sales Centre: 312, 3rd floor, Dongming Building, Minkang Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

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